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  • The tenured faculty of the William S. Boyd School of Law at UNLV voted unanimously to recommend the tenure and promotion of Leticia Saucedo.
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November 17, 2009


Ken Gallant

The statistics suggest that the "business model" of most law schools (especially private start ups) is not dependent on "big law" jobs to pay off loans. Once you get out of the so-called "top thirty" or so law schools, only a small percentage of students ever got "big law" jobs.
The only start-ups that might be attempting to get in on that economy are the very few well-funded state law school start ups that are connected with a major research university (e.g., the new one in the U.Cal. system that is giving free tuition to its first class) that want to immediately jump into the "top tier".

So, I guess my view is this article is a bit wrong-headed. The real issue for new law schools is the market for small law firm lawyers, state prosecutors and state and local agencies, local public defenders and legal aid, etc.--i.e., the classic "non-big law" jobs.

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